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About Me

The daily challenges in my job and everyday life have led me to the Emotion & Body Code. My training as a Reiki master and teacher, Nutrient Coach as well as further training with the world-famous energy healer Patrick San Francesco have refined my knowledge and techniques even more. As a result of my studies in medical biology and classical biology at the University of Salzburg, I have in-depth knowledge of human biochemistry and genetics as well as the development of diseases at the cellular level.





My Approach

I always take a holistic view of people and quickly notice the smallest details and energetic disturbances in the energy system.

This is often done physically, emotionally and/or in thought form.


My support is uncomplicated and positively uplifting and will be maintained for as long as you individually require.


The aim is to bring you back into harmony with your very own powers and those of the universe.

Image by Johny Goerend
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