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Work with Me!


I am happy to accompany you with my very effective methods and gently guide you back into your individual well-being.


Your outcome of a session with me:


  • More lightness and inner peace

  • Physical regeneration & better fitness

  • Relationships improve or can be let go of

  • Fears and panic attacks disappear and much more...




The Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code are based on the biofeedback method of kinesiological muscle testing. I use it to question your subconscious mind about your emotional, mental and physical blockages and gently release them from your meridians and therefore your body's energy field. In the Belief Code, we work together on the belief systems that are blocking you.




Nutrition Coaching


As a medical biologist, I translate recognised and scientific nutritional medicine, epigenetics, somatology and orthomolecular medicine into practice, providing you with sound and efficient advice on the following topics:


  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition

  • Gut & psyche

  • Supporting your immune system

  • Allergies

Australian Bushflowers  


Essences can be used to help with emotional and mental blockages for adults as well as for children. I mainly work with essences according to Ian White from Australia.

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