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VERSION OF 08/02/2020

1. An energetic treatment using emotion or body code or Reiki  never replaces a visit to a doctor.  An energetic treatment is also not a diagnosis and must not be used as such. Medicines must therefore never be discontinued on your own, but only in consultation with yours  Doctor. Treatment is always at your own risk!

2. I do not make any healing promises.

3. One  cancellation  an on-site meeting, via Skype or email  is only  in writing by email or SMS  possible:  until  2  Days (48  Hours) before the appointment: without cancellation fees.  If you don't show up on Skype,  on site or cancellation within 48  Hours before the appointment  is the full or partial price depending on the case  to pay!!

4. Payment: Unless otherwise agreed individually in writing,  the following applies:  One  Meeting or participating in a workshop  on site must be paid in cash on site or in advance by bank transfer  get paid.

Remote sessions or online workshops via Skype, WhatsApp or email must be paid for in advance  will.

5. Reminders for invoices that have not been transferred  be with  30 euros reminder fee  calculated.

6. Whoever books a session with me automatically agrees to these terms and conditions.  Thank you for your  Understanding. 

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